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Stay in touch via phone calls, SMSes and data when you travel overseas.Auto Roam lets you automatically connect to Singtel’s roaming service in more than 235 international destinations with no added surcharge to roaming rates.You may also be automatically subscribed to ongoing charges.You will not discover these charges until you see your next itemised phone bill.Christmas is a magical time in which offenses are forgiven, family is reunited, children play and are happy, people become kinder and the atmosphere is all red, green and golden to make way for one of the most anticipated celebrations of all.At Christmas everyone feels their heart is warmed by love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness and everyone wants to express those nice feelings to their loved ones through a nice Christmas dinner, gifts and greetings.The first lot of questions will be very easy – scammers do this intentionally to encourage you to keep playing.However, the last one or two questions that you need to answer to claim your ‘prize’ could be very difficult or impossible to answer correctly and may even require you to guess a random number.

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These can be turned off if your child monitoring requires more discretion.

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The scammers make money by charging extremely high rates for the text messages you send, and any further messages they send to you.

These charges will not be made clear to you, and could be as high as for each message sent and/or received.

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